Bay Area


Welcome to  ActivSpace

Whether you’re an artist, a hobbyist, or operate a business, you need affordable space that will facilitate your entrepreneurial spirit.

Our mission is to provide a safe, functional, private space where your creativity can flow.

  • quote-50"My ActivSpace unit provided me with the solitude and space to go deeper in my work as an artist."
  • quote-50"The location is perfect for me—close enough to home to make the commute walkable for my dog and I, but far enough away to be relieved of the distractions of home and WiFi. I find I can be very focused here, which has helped me increase my productivity and sales! "
  • quote-50"Our company is a startup which was born working in local coffee shops.  Once we moved to ActivSpace, we now have a place we can call our own!  We can work any hours we want in a professional and private space, and have an awesome place to meet clients!"