Is there Wi-Fi in the building?

All spaces are wired for internet and dial tone.  Internet connections are available through national and local carriers at your cost.  Check with your manager to see what providers are available at your location.  Free Wi-Fi is not currently

What forms of payment does ActivSpace accept?

We accept payment by personal debit/credit cards, check, bank check, or money order.  Sorry, but we have no ability to accept cash.

What activities are allowed in ActivSpace buildings?

Most all activities that are not prohibited by law or ordinance are allowed at ActivSpace.  Activities that may harm the facility or the well being of others are prohibited.

Specifically prohibited activities include, but are not limited to, residential use, welding, motor vehicle repair and storage, cannabis based businesses, barbershops and salons, spray tanning booths, brewing/distilling and mass production activities.

Is parking available at the building?

Off street parking is available at all ActivSpace properties but at some, it is in limited quantities.  Parking is non-reserved and on a first come, first served basis.

Use of the parking facilities is limited to our members only during  the time you are using your space.

Are restroom facilities provided?

Yes.  There are generally two restrooms on every floor of the building.  They are serviced and stocked throughout the week by janitorial staff.  Some have utility sinks.

Can I engage in loud activities like playing a musical instrument, mixing music or singing?

Yes you can, but only in specific spaces engineered for that purpose.  Check with your manager to see if these specific spaces are available at  your location.

Can I bring my pet to ActivSpace?

Yes you can!  We are pet friendly but ask that you respect your neighbors and keep all pets on leashes while in the common areas.  You must pick up after your pet, too.  Pets can not be left unattended in your space or in common areas.

Does ActivSpace participate in any community art walks? Will I be able to show my work in the building?

Each ActivSpace community is unique, check with your manager about participation.  Display venues are available in most buildings.

Is there building security?

Absolutely!  Most buildings utilize a security card controlled access system.  Entrance through perimeter doors and elevators is controlled by these programmable cards.  Each unit has its own unique lock and keyway.  Closed circuit television monitoring is in use at most locations.